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We believe physical examinations are as or more important than annual vaccinations. Your pet ages much faster than you, and is much better at coping with or hiding illness. Dr. Porter often find signs of disease in pets that owners believe are completely healthy. By finding disease processes early it is much easier to intervene and to have a positive impact.

We also use a completely different vaccine line for cats and dogs. Cats are not small dogs, in fact, they are so different that we make an extra effort to address the special needs of cats appropriately. One way we do this is to use the Purevax line of vaccines manufactured by Merial. The Purevax line is manufactured in a way to avoid vaccine adjuvants. Adjuvants have been scientifically proven to cause vaccine induced tumors in some feline patients. We feel that even a small risk to your cat is too much when a completely safe, and efficacious alternative is available.

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